We had some customers quiz us at length on our back up policy and we thought it would be a good idea to come up with a quick write up on website backups. We believe its super important to take regular back-ups of your website to make sure, you are ready for WW IV when it happens.

All websites big or small contain data that is critical to its owners. The loss of this data could prove disastrous if not backed up. Whether you own a thriving e-Commerce website or a new blog its super critical to back up your website at regular intervals. The function of your website should dictate the frequency at which you should back up your website but irrespective of the intervals, back-ups are a must.

Now, you may have a few questions on why should you back up or how often or something to that effect, so we’ve tried to answer these questions for you. Do feel free to slap a quick comment if you have any other question.

Why Should I back up my website?
Well other than the obvious reason, which is to protect your web content, the real answer is, you never know when you may need to fall back on your last back up. Your hosting package does get infected at times with malicious contents due to various reasons like SQL injections, corrupted themes, plug-ins or custom code used in your application. Mostly, this happens when you are using an open source CMS application like WordPress, Joomla, etc. since they are more prone and easy to attack for the hacker community. The Internet is not necessarily a safe place, especially if you have a gorgeous website – so as its owner, you have to take steps to protect it.

How often should I back up my website?
As mentioned earlier on, this depends entirely on the kind of website you own. If you own websites that rely heavily on databases and are updated at frequent intervals, you may want to back up your site everyday. If you blog as a hobby, then once a week should be fine. Think of this like a “Save your Game” option in those video games, you can save it anytime but it’s also important to save it after you’ve progressed in the game. If you’ve updated your site content, or made some code changes or got new products, or new articles, take a quick backup, it’ll always be handy.

Can I use scripts for this?
Sure you can, we do too. We’ve got automated systems in place to back up our site at regular intervals.

Does Skyracle take backups for my site?
Well, we do take backups but of a limited time period only. Since, only the website admin/owner can gauge the most appropriate frequency of backups, we delegate the ownership of backing up files and data stored on your shared hosting package to you.

What kind of back up can I expect from Skyracle?
As per policy we take no responsibility in backing up your website content. But we do understand that at times, things don’t always work out as per plan. So, we back up the last 7 days of your website data for unforeseen circumstances.

Do share your thoughts. They are valuable to us; Helps us to improve our products and services.

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